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Our Expertise in
Responsible Minerals and more

We specialise in helping companies navigate the complex and evolving landscape of responsible mineral sourcing. Minerals are essential for many industries, including manufacturing, technology, financial services and energy. However, extraction, processing and trade of minerals can have significant environmental, social and human rights impacts, particularly in conflict-affected and high-risk areas.

Our role as a responsible minerals consultant is to help companies assess their mineral supply chains, identify risks and opportunities, and develop strategies to promote responsible sourcing practices. We are working with stakeholders across the supply chain (mining companies, smelters, traders, and manufacturers), as well as engaging with civil society, governments, and communities affected by mining activities.

Our expertise in responsible minerals includes due diligence, risk assessments, traceability, certification schemes, stakeholder engagement, and capacity building. We stay up-to-date with the latest developments in responsible mineral sourcing, including regulatory and industry initiatives such as the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas.


By working together, we can promote responsible mineral sourcing practices that support human rights, environmental sustainability, and social development while reducing commercial (potential penalties), reputational and operational risks.



Vodafone Group

Hong Kong

​Responsible Minerals and Sustainability

  • Established Vodafone's best-in-class Responsible Minerals Programme and globally defined responsible sourcing of minerals.

  • Member of Vodafone's Human Rights and Sustainability Working and Advisory Boards.​

Business Development​

  • Monitor technological developments and trends in the Asian regions for the global Vodafone markets.

  • Drove group-wide scouting and procurement of Vodafone branded devices.


Vodafone Procurement Company


Category Management | Value Added Services (VAS)

  • Led and maintained global relationships with suppliers in key categories such as SaaS and other VAS platforms, professional services and mobile payment (FinTech).

  • Developed advanced commercial and legal models.

  • Led negotiation and conclusion of contracts with suppliers over major deals.

  • Coordinated with legal, finance, tax, and internal stakeholders to 
    meet strategic procurement requirements and operational processes.

  • Guided stakeholders in the Vodafone Group and local operating companies in technical, financial, and marketing areas.


Paul Hartmann AG

Germany and China

Over 8 Years, built up experience in supply chain management, procurement, and strategic sales, as well as a strong understanding of international business operations:

  • Established and managed supply chain and procurement procedures in China to meet changing and increased demands.

  • Set up a new sourcing department for a start-up company within the organisation, with its own profit and loss responsibility, as well as overseeing quality control, purchasing, inter-company sales, and direct sales functions.

  • Managed the migration of manufacturing production from the USA and Europe to China, oversaw the purchasing process with international suppliers across various regions.

  • Developed strategic sales in multiple countries, including Japan, Singapore, China, India, and Thailand.


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