Mobile &

Food and Beverage Accessories

Business 2 Business


  • purity

  • product easy to use 

  • premium and clear design

  • service straight forward

  • promote mobility

  • business to business focus

  • utilise leverage

  • democratise technologies

  • business partners

  • manage portfolio mix

  • optimise processes

  • consolidate demand

  • leverage supply



Mobile Accessories

  • lightning to USB   

  • micro to USB 

  • 2-in-1 lightning - micro USB

  • type-C to USB

  • power bank

  • travel wall charger

  • car charger (Safety Hammer)

  • clip lense

  • selfie Stick

  • car holder & tripod

  • flashlight

  • wired ear-phone

  • bluetooth headphone

  • wired speaker

  • bluetooth speaker

Food and Beverage Accessories

  • Mugs  

  • Cups

  • Tumbler

  • Bottles

  • Shots 

  • Wine Glasses

  • Campaign

  • Carafe

  • other glasses

  • Paper Straws 

  • PLA Straws

  • PLA lids and cups etc






Pure Mobile is a Naka Group Limited brand, established in 2015 in Hong Kong.

We are a Hong Kong & Berlin based designer, distributor and manufacture of quality accessories.


Naka Group is working with several manufacturing facilities in China, which are all quality checked and audited by us.

Additionally, we perform product tests of critical products which are in contact with skin or are food related. Such tests are strictly performed by our Hong Kong authorised testing partner.


Our primary business partners are

  1. Hotels who sell our premium Mobile Accessories in their rooms as well as via reception and replenishment bars.

    Packaging and products have a premium soft-touch coating and appearance.
    We are offering a mobile accessories "min-bar" in the form of a pure designed acrylic display to hold all products and make storekeeping easy for the Hotel staff. 

  2. Supermarkets and retailer who sell our economic range with reasonable prices designed for durability, safety and also minimalistic and pure design features. 

Product Segments

Today Naka Group operates in several segments:

  1. Mobile Accessories, offering hardware accessories and

  2. Wine, Coffee and other lifestyle Accessories

  3. Given our close ties to Chinese manufacturers we are flexible in offering multiple product categories. Let us know if you have any other interesting segment we can be working with you. 


Naka Group has operations in Hong Kong, Berlin, Japan and Australia and our products are available in Hotels, retailers as well as selected vineries. 

Product Conformity

In order to test product conformity of local manufacturers our testing partner LNE Asia run official tests to be performed for relevant products prior to offer: 

  • production control (technical inspection)

  • inspection,

    • inspection during production

    • control following production

    • pre-shipment inspection

  • laboratory tests,

  • audit,

  • technical assistance

    • at the development stage: identifying the applying standards

    • at the production stage: preventing variations, validating our suppliers quality processes, etc.

    • at the marketing stage: dealing with customer returns, acting appropriately if samples are seized by the authorities (customs, France's fraud control office DGCCRF, etc.).

For products in contact with food we e.g. test the following:

  • Overall Migration Test - Commission Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011 And French DGCCRF DM/4B/COM/003

  • Migration of 8 Metals Content for Plastic – Commission Regulation (EU) No. 2016/1416

  • Chromium Content of Stainless Steel in Contact with Foodstuffs – US FDA Reference testing for General Recognised As Safe (GRAS) substance

  • Extractable Lead and Cadmium in Ceramic & Glass Wares in Contact with Foodstuffs – Australian/New Zealand Standard